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The Data Speaks for Itself

The Problem

High levels of damping are typically achieved by adding parasitic mass or material layers, which result in compliant or soft products; a problem for high-performance applications.

The Concept

Countervail is a composite-material system that combines traditional damping layer concepts and a patented fiber preform. The experimentally-proven, unparalleled damping is derived from the fiber preform; the fiber pattern maximizes the vibrational energy dissipation in the surrounding polymeric materials.

The Result

Countervail layups can be tailored to balance stiffness, strength and damping performance that outperform constructions using traditional approaches.

Cancel Vibrations with Countervail

Below are measured vibration characteristics of conventional and Countervail material systems.

CV Technology Steel


CV Technology Carbon Epoxy No Damping

Carbon/Epoxy with no damping layer

CV Technology Carbon Epoxy Damping

Carbon/Epoxy with damping layer

CV Technology Countervail


Experience the Benefits of Countervail Technology

Minimal Weight

Polymers and a patented advanced fiber reinforcement—that’s all. Countervail® can help you meet your dynamic response requirements at minimal weight.

Manufacturing Integrity

Again, polymers and our patented fiber reinforcement—that’s all. If your product is already a composite material, or you want it to be, Countervail® can easily be integrated into your application.

Material Placement Flexibility

Need to maintain stiffness but control vibrations—Countervail® can help you avoid the use of parasitic mass-adding damping treatments.


CV Aerospace Panel SS

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