By now, you probably know that Countervail® is a composite-material system that combines traditional damping layer concepts and a patented fiber preform. While Countervail® offers unrivaled damping performance, having a superior product is meaningless if it can’t be integrated seamlessly. That’s why we rely on our proven six-step process to ensure implementation success:

1. Identify Goals and Requirements:

Our team stands ready to work with yours, all for the sake of measurably improving the performance of your product.

2. Conduct Analysis to Size and Place Countervail® Material:

Together we’ll engineer the optimal amount and placement of Countervail® to achieve the best balance of performance and cost.

3. Fabricate Prototype:

At your facility or yours, we will quickly create a test article surrogate or working prototype.

4. Test and Evaluation:

While engineering analyses are great, nothing tops experimental validation; our team can help with test planning and execution.

5. Manufacturing Instructions:

Our experienced manufacturing engineers will help to enable quick-to-market leading implementation of solutions using Countervail®.

6. Production:

The end goal is to meet production quantity orders, which will be cut, packaged, and kitted to meet your specific needs.

Now you know our process. Want to read up on our Tech Specs, as well as the industries we serve? Then download our updated capabilities flyer.

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